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Navigating your way through the downtime of COVID-19 Part 3 RE OPEN

At a time of such great uncertainty where lockdown has forced business operators to take stock and completely rethink. Where the current economic impact on individuals and business is enormous, with so many operators struggling to survive and some will not come through this crisis at all. What will hospitality, accommodation and tourism businesses look like on the other side of COVID-19?  What should we do as we start to come out of this period of hibernation? I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do know as this crisis ends,  those who have survived will need to be ready for a post COVID-19 service world!  PROACTIVITY is the key.   You have now taken stock of the situation, you have analyzed your past business successes and failures and reset the clock.  You have cleaned, maintained, repaired or replaced and now with a new and improved operation! its time to open. Listed,  are some helpful operational tips that may assist you navigating your way as we come out of lockdown into a period of  staged reopening of your business. 





  1. Let them know you are open or opening soon.

  2. Make sure all booking channels are open.

  3. If you generally advertise, start again and promote any reopening specials. 

  4. Highlight the great work carried out throughout the hibernation period. 

  5. Be realistic, we have all lost a great deal through this crisis, don’t try to make up for your lost revenue by gouging or over charging. 

  6. Rebuilt your customer/brand loyalty through service and improved standards. 


  1. Make sure your property website is up to date with relevant property and local information.Use quality imagery.

  2. Make sure all imbedded links work.

  3. Check all contact details, make sure you include a valid email address.

  4. Make sure email hosting accounts suit the volume of email traffic expected, avoid email bounces. 

Social Media

  1. Reengage with your customers through all of your social media channels. Tell a positive story, use good imagery.

  2. Need Help with your social Media? Check out the resources page from our great friends at #SMPERTH- they are the experts in the game!! CLICK HERE


  1. Reorder and replenish your stock volumes (manage stock rotation) 

  2. Restock shelves, make sure all stock is clean and well presented and fill all shelves. 


  1. Join/rejoin your local Visitors Centre, LTO,  RTO or industry association and participate in local and regional cooperative marketing or recovery activities that promote your locality. 

  2. Network with your peers, share the experiences felt in isolation and the hope in recovery. Share your ideas and plans with each other.

  3. By now you have realised the business down the road is not your competitor, you are allies, work together and bring more people to your locality, town or region. Lets all rebuild a cooperative colaborative business community for a better future.

Staff - Workforce Scheduling

  1. Consider a Workforce Management Technology Solution for your business, check out our friends at . They are helping businesses streamline administrative processes that ultimately saves time and operational costs. 

  2. Schedule and easily communicate with your workforce. Staffer allows you to schedule your workforce with instant app notifications, record time & attendance and streamline payroll processes that save time and operational costs in you business.

Contact the team at staffer to find out more STAFFER New Projects

  1. Where possible take advantage of the Federal Governments Instant Asset Write Off which has been extended to $150,000.00 and start those new projects.

  2. Check out some of our suppliers list of products:

Training In Western Australia, Subsequent to recent communication directly with Minister Papalia, all hospitality employees of licensed premises will be required to partake in the mandatory COVID-19 hygiene training course.

Need any help with anything included in this article, please give CF Global a call, visit our website or drop us a line Article written by:  Michael Collins  Principal  CF Global  +61 427 198 201 

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