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Navigating your way through the downtime of COVID-19 Part 1 REVIEW

Updated: May 3, 2020

At a time of such great uncertainty where lockdown has forced hospitality, accommodation and tourism business operators to take stock and completely rethink. Where the current economic impact on individuals and business is enormous, with so many operators struggling to survive and some will not come through this crisis at all. What will hospitality, accommodation and tourism businesses look like on the other side of COVID-19?  What should we do while in this period of hibernation? I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do know this crisis will end in the not to distant future and those that come out of this alive will need to be ready for a post COVID-19 service world!  (As we write, some accommodation operators such as Caravan/Holiday Parks in some states are starting to reopen now albeit with restrictions) I believe PROACTIVITY is the key.   When, in the history of your business were you presented with the opportunity, albeit forced, to take stock and clinically assess your operation? To analyze your past business successes and failures, reset the clock and instigate a possible new and improved operation! Over 3 parts,  we are sharing some helpful operational tips that may assist you navigating your way through the downtime and any staged reopening of your business as a result of COVID-19 



Looking for more COVID-19 information? A great resource from Eco Tourism Australia’s Website provides operators across the country with up to date industry information in regards to COVID-19


Part 1 REVIEW Review every aspect of your business as it was pre Covid-19


  1. Take the time to completely review all business insurances including workers compensation,

  2. Talk to your broker and check if elements of your insurance can be scaled back. Who knows you may save a few bucks or for that get a credit!


  1. Understand the fundamentals of your own finances, don’t leave things to chance.

  2. Discuss options with your accountant and your bank. If you qualify, take advantage of the Federal Government's assistance packages.

  3. Check if you are eligible for any State Government assistance packages.

  4. Cash Is King! Review your current cashflow, determine your needs during and post COVID-19. Review your cash position daily if required.

  5. Review current budgets, adjust and reforecast the next 6-12 months and the next 12 -24 months. 

  6. Review all expenses! Get your expenses in order! Are there any expenses that can be cut, trimmed, stopped or deferred ?

  7. Check all direct debits, stop unnecessary direct debits. 

Operational Business Plan

  1. Review your current operational/business plans, adjust and reforecast in line with your new budget(s). 

Marketing & Sales Plan 

  1. Review all marketing done to date, cancel non-essential marketing activity and advertising.  

  2. It’s not time to carry out the ‘hard sell’, just keep in touch with your customers through your social media channels.

  3. It is great time to update and review and maintain your consumer database. 

  4. Review all social media channels ensure all content and posts are relevant and the focus of your efforts is getting results. 

  5. Carry out a:

    1. DIGITAL MARKETING SELF-AUDIT CHECKLIST  A self-audit checklist is designed to help you become a better digital marketer. By auditing yourself, you will gain better insights about what’s working and what isn’t

    2. FACEBOOK AUDIT A Facebook Audit is an analysis of your Facebook profile, the content you are posting, and your marketing efforts.

    3. INSTAGRAM CONTENT AUDIT A content audit will offer your business valuable insights and information about how you can improve your Instagram account. And the more often you complete a content audit, the process will seem easier and easier.

    4. CONTENT STRATEGY AUDIT  A content strategy audit is an analysis of the content you are posting to your social media channels.

    5. SOCIAL MEDIA CHECKLIST A social media checklist is the same as any other checklist. It’s a series of questions that you can can either confirm or decline to help you keep on track with your overall marketing efforts.


  1. Take some time and review your website, ensure every part is relevant.

  2. Update images, use professional photos where possible.

  3. Make the site look inviting (do you really need a picture of your entry sign that informs the passer by you have colour TV???).

  4. Ensure all links imbedded into your website work.

  5. Check all of the property contact details are correct, make it easy for your customer to reach you, include email address and social media channels.

  6. Check your email hosting and make sure your account suits the volume of email traffic coming to the property. 


  1. Carry out a complete stocktake.  

  2. Check expiry dates, get rid of any perishable stock items that cannot be frozen or used/sold through takeaway sales. 

  3. Check return policies from suppliers. Return unopened stock if possible. 

  4. Check if merchandise can be sold online through your website?

  5. Where possible seel whatever you can through a takeaway service.

Operating Equipment

  1. Check all equipment, tools, lighting, refrigeration etc. Clean and service

  2. Replace worn out where necessary

Operational Procedures 

  1. Review your standard operational procedures (SOP’s) and adjust accordingly.


  1. Got outstanding corrective actions?  Have you had a certification audit prior to COVID-19 that required some updates to your plans or business practices? Now is a perfect time to take care of those corrective actions!

Give consideration to a cloud based Asset (Facility) Management, Scheduling and Records solution from MYBOS to assist with:

Room/site/cabin Inspection

  1. Allow your managers to easily keep track of routine room inspections within your property.

Work Order

  1. Keep on top of all your work orders within your property providing a level of transparency to all users. 

Preventative Maintenance

  1. Take control of your property preventative maintenance with our all in one interactive calendar. 

Asset Register

  1. Complete your building assets by capturing photos, locations, warranty and much more with our easy to use asset interface. 


  1. Keep on top of your contractor’s database by keeping contact information, documents and insurances. 


  1. Secure your documents on the cloud for easy access – anytime, anywhere. Perfect for industry accreditation.

Billing / Labour Invoices

  1. Easily keep track of your building budgets, invoicing and internal works done by your hotel team.

Key Register

  1. Key register to effortlessly manage multiple keys for owners, tenants and contractors. 

Charts & Reports 

  1. Create visually stunning and easy-to-read reports in an instant.    

MYBOS , is a local Australian owned company, they have the perfect solution for your business from as little as $2.00 per room per month.   Check out their latest brochure HERE or visit their website

Invest in training your staff, it will come back to you in spades! Need any help with anything included in this article, please give CF Global a call, visit our website or drop us a line Article written by:  Michael Collins  Principal  CF Global  +61 427 198 201

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