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Navigating your way through the downtime of COVID-19 Part 2 PREPARE

At a time of such great uncertainty where lockdown has forced hospitality, accommodation and tourism business operators to take stock and completely rethink. Where the current economic impact on individuals and business is enormous, with so many operators struggling to survive and some will not come through this crisis at all. What will hospitality, accommodation and tourism businesses look like on the other side of COVID-19?  What should we do while in this period of hibernation? I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do know this crisis will end in the not to distant future and those that come out of this alive will need to be ready for a post COVID-19 service world!  (As we write, some accommodation operators such as Caravan/Holiday Parks in some states are starting to reopen now albeit with restrictions) I believe PROACTIVITY is the key.   When, in the history of your business were you presented with the opportunity, albeit forced, to take stock and clinically assess your operation? To analyze your past business successes and failures, reset the clock and instigate a possible new and improved operation! Over 3 parts,  we are sharing some helpful operational tips that may assist you navigating your way through the downtime and any staged reopening of your business as a result of COVID-19 





Make use of this downtime by carrying out routine and scheduled maintenance as well as deep cleaning that never seems to get done when you are busy with guests.  

In light of COVID-19, perhaps consider purchasing a commercial fogger as part of your deep cleaning regime



  1. Check all directional and brand signage is clean and free from damage or rust,  if internally lit, check all fluorescent tubes are operating.

  2. Replace torn or frayed flags.

  3. Check all external lighting, replace globes where necessary (think about the use of LED globes to reduce the cost of power!)

  4. Make sure all gardens are well presented and lawns are mowed, including edges. Remove weeds and fix broken sprinklers.

  5.  Driveways, entry points & carparks are clean, free from dirt and debris, pot holes repaired, repaint all markings. 

  6. Make sure curbing is well presented and in good order.  

  7. Check boom, chain and cable gates, service or repair where necessary.  

  8. Check external and perimeter fences are clean and free from damage, repair where necessary. Paint old, tired and faded fences. 

  9. Make sure all gates are in good order, fix slats, tighten or replace old or loose hinges and latches.  

  10. Windows - Clean all external windows, ensure all frames are clean, free from dirt, dust and cobwebs. Repaint where required.   

  11. External walls free from dirt, dust and marks. Repair cracks and holes, paint where necessary.

Water services

  1. Check for water leaks and repair accordingly.

  2. Change tap washers where necessary.

  3. Check Hot Water systems, replace anodes (Plumber). 

  4. Decommission if necessary. 

External BBQ/Camp Kitchen

  1. Clean all surfaces and furniture.

  2. De cobweb.

  3. Turn off all equipment not used including refrigeration, gas and electricity.

  4. Fridges should be completely dry before closing up to avoid mold growth.  

Swimming Pools

  1. Winterize pools and spars.  

  2. Check and clean all equipment - pumps & chlorinators etc. Service if necessary.

  3. Check all hoses, repair any holes.

  4. Check and clean all pool side furniture, repair or replace damaged furniture. 

  5. Check and clean poolside umbrellas, repair broken or frayed ropes, replace damaged umbrellas.

  6. Check all pool fencing, clean and repair/paint where necessary. 

  7. Replace badly rusted and dangerous pool fencing.

  8. Check all signage and notices, clean and replace as necessary.

Play Equipment  Regular inspection of playground equipment is important, it is equally important to look for hazards on the playground property as a whole. 

  1. Inspect Equipment Broken or missing equipment.

  2. Secure anchors, barriers, & panels. 

  3. Tighten/replace loose or missing bolts and/or clamps and heavily worn moving parts, swing parts. 

  4. Replace cracked and/or broken plastic parts, rusted, worn, or corroded metal.

  5. Inspect surrounding grounds for broken glass, trash and other debris.

  6. Rectify any problems with surfacing, vandalized, broken and defaced property Insect damage or infestation Tripping hazards like exposed tree roots 

Ablution Blocks  including guest laundries 

  1. Walls, windows, doors and frames are all clean, free from dirt and marks Check clothes lines, ensure they are clean and free from dirt and dust, change line where necessary. Repair or replace rusted and dangerous clothes lines

Sheds & Workshops

  1. Clean and remove rubbish and debris.

  2. Check for Vermin.

  3. Check all equipment and tools (do you need any electrical tagging?). Repair or replace damaged equipment or tools. Clean tools, loppers, secateurs and other small hand held tools. Sand and Oil wooden handles! Check Lawn mowers and other garden equipment – Change sparkplugs/blades. Check oil (if 4 stroke) and air filter(s). Clean down all benches, Store tools and equipment. Rollup and store all extension leads. Turn off any unnecessary power.  Grease and oil any large door hinges and rollers.  Stack wood. 


  1. Clean, Service & Safety Check all site vehicles  Replace old, dated and faded signage/decals 

  2. Check tyres. replace if necessary.

Powered Sites & campsites (Holiday & Caravan Parks)

  1. Check all powerheads/Power supply Pillars, clean, de cobweb and minor repairs, replace damaged powerheads (check with your electrician)

  2. Check all concrete pads 



All Areas 

  1. Light fixtures are all clean, free from dust and marks, replace burnt bulbs. Floors are scrubbed or commercially cleaned. Walls, ceilings, moldings and vents are free from marks and clean, consider fresh paint! 

  2. Doors and trims are clean, free from marks, paint chips and cracks, fresh paint if needed. Door hardware clean and in good order. Replace missing or broken latches, knobs and hinges. Lubricate squeaks. 

  3. Make sure all windows are clean, free from streaks.

  4. Curtains and other window treatments are clean and free from stain or marks.

  5. Furniture is in good order clean, free from dirt and stains. upholstery is free from tears and not faded.

  6. Artwork/Mirrors – clean and not faded, relevant for style or locality. No broken or cracked glass.  Mirrors are not de-silvered. 

  7. Make sure all  emergency/evacuation procedures as well as directional signage are provided throughout the property.

  8. Ensure all room/cabin and site numbers are easily visable.

Reception This is generally your first opportunity to create an great impression with your guest;

  1. Reception desk is free from clutter and clean

  2. Brochure racks- tidy and full. 

  3. Signage – clean 

Dining rooms/Restaurants/Bars/ Gaming/ Banquet & Function Rooms

  1. Wait stations – cleaned, free from clutter, dirt and debris

  2. Menus – clean, free from marks/stains, update details

  3. Crockery, cutlery, glassware – cleaned or polished.

  4. Remove oddments, chipped or cracked crockery/glassware and appropriately store away 

  5. Clean all display, service shelves and cupboards   

  6. Wire glass racks -cleaned thoroughly, replace if damaged or PVC coating cracked or damaged or rusted. 

  7. Furniture – ensure all furniture is clean and in good order, repair or remove broken/torn material items, tighten bases, seats/backs. Store furniture where appropriate.

  8. Check all banquet and function equipment.

  9. Bar/service areas – clean all surfaces thoroughly, remove clutter, rubbish and debris.

  10. Clean under bar frames, racks, shelves etc. including sinks, ice wells, speed racks.

  11. Check refrigeration equipment including seals and condenser coil , clean thoroughly.

  12. Ice machines (if not in use) turn off, clean thoroughly. Carry out minor repairs. Service if necessary.

  13. Empty and thoroughly wash all rubbish bins and floor mats,  leave to dry.

  14. Clean all dispensing equipment, measures, fonts, lines and tap.

  15. Put stock away.

  16. Empty all coin operated machines.


  1. Clean all surfaces, ensure signage is adequate.

  2. Replace burnt bulbs.


  1. Check and clean all equipment. Carry out minor repairs

  2. Clean floor, walls, mirrors etc. Carry out any required repairs. 


  1. Check and clean all equipment, carry out minor maintenance (check if you need to have a technician to carry out some works)

  2. Countertop and hard surfaces are hotbed for bacteria growth, Clean every surface thoroughly, use a commercial disinfectant/cleaner. 

  3. Remove storage bins.

  4. Clean Sinks, sprayers & faucets - use a CLR to prevent scale & lime build up.

  5. Clean sink drain pipes and S Bend. 

  6. Clean all storage areas including racks and shelving units.

  7. Clean all storage containers and Bins. 

Commercial Appliances and Equipment


  1. Boil out your fryer. (How to)

Ovens and ranges

  1. Clean rack, walls and the door as part of your oven maintenance. (How to)

Burners, flattops and cooktops

  1. Scrub down these parts and surfaces using a disinfectant spray or warm soapy water.


  1. Brush off ash and grime off your grates after use. In some cases, you may have to soak them in warm soapy water to break up grease.

  2. Empty out any drip trays or areas underneath your burner or grates.

Refrigeration units

  1. Clean the condenser coils by using a stiff bristle brush and vacuum to remove dust and grime. (How to)

  2. Empty and clean the drain pans and tubs.

Deep clean

  1. All your major appliances as well as small ones like coffee makers, toasters and microwaves. 

  2. Clean Exhaust Hoods and Vents - Wash out the vent hoods and clean the filters, as well.

  3. Cleaning all floor and wall tile surfaces, use special tile-based disinfectants that can remove bacteria and grime off grout



  1. Check and clean entry doors, hardware, room numbers, clean frames and door tracks.

  2. Repair or replace damaged doors. Fresh Paint if necessary.


  1. Commercially clean carpet, vinyl or tiles, clean or repair grout

  2. Repair or replace damaged or worn floor coverings

Ceilings & Walls 

  1. Clean marks, remove cobwebs. Repair damaged areas, repaint.Repair faded or torn wall paper, replace where necessary.


  1. replace faded or damaged artwork.

  2. Artwork should be appropriate and in keeping with locality or property theme/style.

  3. Clean Mirrors

  4. Replace damaged/desilvered mirrors


  1. Clean glass and frame.

  2. Clean window treatments ensure there are no tears and they provide complete privacy.

Doors, Frames & Hardware

  1. Clean both door sides, remove cobwebs. 

  2. Clean all hardware- knobs, locks, closers.

  3. Repair or replace damaged doors/hardware, repaint faded or repaired doors.

Cabinetry/Loose furniture

  1. Ensure all furniture is clean, free from dust and dirt.

  2. Make sure upholstery is in good order free from tears and rips. 

  3. Repair/replace broken or damaged cabinetry and furniture.


  1. Completely strip bed, check mattress and rotate

  2. Launder all mattress protectors, replace old and stained protectors. 

  3. Replace damaged or sagging mattresses.  Check all pillows, replace old or stained pillows, invest in protective cases.  Store away from any dust until in use Check and clean all duvet, blankets or coverlets  and stored away from dust until in use Remove all linen, launder and store or if rented linen is used- return to the commercial laundry until required.   


  1. Replace all burnt bulbs, (Use LED where possible).

  2. Clean light diffusers and shades, replace cracked or damaged diffusers/shades.

  3. Clean all light switches. 


  1. Deep clean tiles and grout.

  2. Clean cabinetry and any bathroom furniture.

  3. Ensure a plug for the vanity and bath is available. 

  4. Ensure all fittings such as towel rail/racks and toilet roll holders are clean and secure to walls. Repair/replace damaged items.

  5. Clean loose items such as soap dishes, rubbish bins etc, replace damaged and cracked items .


  1. Clean all equipment, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, toasters, kettles etc, replace any damaged items. 

  2. Check/clean all cooking/serving utensils, crockery, cutlery & glassware.

  3. Replenish/replace missing or damaged items. 


  1. Check/clean a/c units. Clean all filters.

  2. Clean television, check all antenna fittings. Tidy cables. 

  3. Clean remote control, replace batteries.  

  4. Clean clock/clock radio, replace backup battery (if required) 

  5. Clean Telephone, tidy cords

  6. Clean Ironing Board and Iron, replace stained and torn ironing board cover.

Minimum standards!

Develop a list of standards for your property and guest rooms, ensure these standards are maintained and housekeeping are aware. 


Need any help with anything included in this article, please give CF Global a call, visit our website or drop us a line

Article written by: 

Michael Collins 


CF Global 

+61 427 198 201 

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